To rejuvenate old, abandoned blog…

…create a sub-blog. Very, very silly sub-blog. Right?

So for all three of you non-Spambots who might maybe check out this site any more, take a look at A Cacophony of Cats, wherein Callisto and Hitlercat air their opinions on all sorts of things.

Somebody needs a kitten

Hitlercat and Eric, combining their powers of cute.

Ever since Eric’s been gone, Hitlercat, who’s snuggly and affectionate but by and large a pretty independent sort, has become Velcro Kitty with +2 to Squeaking Sadly and +5 to Howling When Left Alone. She quiets down if we bring her into the Forbidden Zones (the […]

Kitten Porn Thursday

There’s so much I want to post about, such as:

The evidence for and against protein restriction for cats undergoing chronic renal failure Cat food myths and over-simplifications (variety isn’t necessary, nutrients matter and not ingredients, home-made diets are inherently dangerous, home-made diets are inherently superior, enzymes in raw food are an important nutritional component) […]