Kitten Porn Thursday

There’s so much I want to post about, such as:

  • The evidence for and against protein restriction for cats undergoing chronic renal failure
  • Cat food myths and over-simplifications (variety isn’t necessary, nutrients matter and not ingredients, home-made diets are inherently dangerous, home-made diets are inherently superior, enzymes in raw food are an important nutritional component)
  • A detailed dissection of the Pottenger cat study (I’ve always cringed when people use it as a justification to feed raw)
  • The tendency for avid raw feeders to use what sounds remarkably like Lamarckism to bolster their case for raw feeding and against the use of vaccines, which, again: CRINGE

But I don’t have the time and energy, so instead, I bring you KITTY PORN THURSDAY, where I post shots of fuzzy kitty bellies, sleeping cats and gratuitous close-ups of paw pads. Besides an excuse to post copious numbers of cute picture of cats (the other true reason for the existence of the Internet—the first true reason being, of course, porn porn), this is also a great way to post about Hitlercat. Eric’s getting the lion’s share of the attention on this blog right now because he’s sick, and blogging about dealing with his polycystic kidney disease is both more interesting and more educational than entries that say things like “Hitlercat is amazing and adorable and fuzzy and she’s pretty much hands-down my favorite cat of all time and ever.” Which isn’t fair to Hitlercat, because even though she gets fewer blog inches than Eric, she occupies every bit as much space in my heart.

Want a preview of some of the hot hot kitty porn that awaits? Check this out:

Hitlercat sleeping on my purse. Probably because it inconveniences me.
Hitlercat sleeping on my purse. I don't know why, because it's not very comfortable. Probably because it inconveniences me.

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