Addendum to the last post

So in my last post, I described Callisto’s periodic assplosions as “random.” This is a completely false characterization. They’re not random at all. They’re directly traceable to one cause: the fact that she exhibits Labrador retriever-like tendencies to eat anything and everything that comes across her way. This has included items like curry, pieces of tissue paper and (most alarmingly) kale braised in onion. The most recent escapade: half of a chicken breast fried with copious amounts of garlic powder. My boyfriend and I are much better about keeping food off the tables and counters now, but we screwed up last night.

The results have been predictable.

Kittens, man. I’ve forgotten how they inspire both love and a desire to throttle.

2 Replies to “Addendum to the last post”

    1. I think “pained tolerance” is the best description. Callisto’s kind of a brat, and she also has food issues (like many shelter/foster cats seem to), which means that she has a tendency to pounce on Hitlercat while she’s eating. This has not endeared Callisto to Hitlercat. They sometimes sleep together and hang out on the same windowsill frequently, but they don’t play together and haven’t come close to being snuggle-buddies. I’m giving it time.

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